Can we broom away the best?

The Brewers enter today very hot. They have won 4 in a row and are looking for a sweep on the NL’s best team. The brewers will most likely have a hard time scoring today. The Padres pitcher Jon Garland has thrown 17 scoreless innings, but he hasn’t faced the Brewers! Manny Parra heads to the mound for the Brewers, he like most of the Brewer pitchers, either throws a gem, or gets rocked. It seems like there is no in-between for Brewers pitching. My prediction for the game is that the brewers will win a close game, something like 4-2, Jon Garland will give up a solo home run in the first inning to one of the Brewers sluggers. 

Go Brewers!
Can we come back with a 12 game deficit, probably not.

Wow, It has been forever

I was looking at the Brewers website the other day and noticed an MLBlogs thing, I was reminded of the time i spent and loved writing about the Brewers and baseball. Well lets say there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the Brewers this year…They are back to their losing ways as a below .500 team, but in all honestly they aren’t that bad at all. They have a great offense, the defense and pitching is what needs work, it seems the Brewers always sign the old free agents and hope they have one or two more good years in them. They normally do not have any good games left in them and we struggle with pitching. I will be posting hopefully daily from now on. If you have any comments suggestions or tips on what to write about please let me know! 


2nd Base

I am a second baseman myself so I am very
interested in professional second baseman. I am not proud of
the Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks. I do not like him
very much. He is the type of player who defensively will make
all the best plays. Then miss 3 easy ground balls in a row.
He has not been the greatest hitter in his career. He does
not get on base very often. I wish the Brewers could have
made a trade in the off season for a second
baseman, but they did not! People are saying that Rickie will
have a great year. He has been having a great Spring training
so i would love to see him have a good season like that but i
do not see it happening. One of my favorite players on the
brewers is Craig Counsell. Please read my story about him if
you have not yet. I like him because he seems to be a down to
earth player and he always just gets the job done. If you
need a hit he will normally get it for you and he does not
get many errors. I hope that he fills in for Rickie often at
2nd base but i do not see that happening.

The Brewers are a very young team once again.

High school Baseball has started. Finally get to witness some great baseball again. My baseball season started and that is why i have not had many entries lately. Finals just got done today so i should have some extra time on my hands to keep updating my positions.

The Brewers have a very young team and i am very excited for that! I love young people in all sports. I like the challenge of trying to find people before the rest of the public knows about them and pick out good people. My pick for the Brewers a year ago in spring training to be good in the future was Hernan Iribarren. I am a second baseman and am not a big fan of Rickie Weeks so i picked him. He has not been to special yet but i think he will be a great player. I am excited to see Alcides Escobar in the future. I am dissapointed about his send down to AAA, but it is always great for the players to get cuts everyday in games. I am also disapointed in Tony Gwynn JR being sent down because i love watching him with his speed.
Thats all i have for now i should be posting my 2nd baseman blog in a few days
Fellow MLBlogger,

Chicken Wing

I do not know how many of you have heard the Story of Craig “Chicken Wing” Counsell, He has to be one of my favorite players in the game. He does not hit hardly any home runs and does not do anything flashy, but when the job needs to be done you put in Craig and you’ll get a solid job done. 

This story might not be exactly right, There isn’t many places to hear it. I heard it in religion class in a movie my teacher has. 

As many of you know Craig Counsell played for the Florida Marlins. The daughter of the manager  was sick. She called Craig Counsell. People on the team called him Chicken Wing. The managers daughter while she was sick often said, “The chicken runs at midnight.” The manager and the daughters siblings had no idea why she said it. She died later that year and had “The chicken runs at midnight” engraved on her grave stone.
In the 1997 World series between the Florida Marlins and the Cleveland Indians it went into 11 innings. Craig Counsell was on third base when Edgar Rentería got a hit. Craig Counsell came running home with his fists pumping in the air! The Florida Marlins are the 1997 World Series champions! The coaches kids in the stands looked up at the clock and it was midnight! They realized that Craig Counsell(aka Chicken Wing) just scored the winning run at midnight! They ran on the field to celebrate with their dad; But instead of being really happy they were crying. The dad asked why and they realized that the Chicken ran at midnight! 

The manager was a good Catholic man and prayed a lot and he believed that this was a miracle! I found this as a very inspiring story. There are a lot of times people say meanless things, maybe after all everything has a meaning!  

I love this story and i hope you enjoy it to! if you like it tell all your friends about it!

When i went to a brewer game 2 years ago, my uncle worked for an insurance agency that had front row seats directly behind homeplate. I was aware of his nickname chicken wing and always called him that. Before the game him and a few other brewers were in the on deck circle taking cuts. I yelled, “Hey Chicken Wing!” He looked at me and smiled and nodded his head. I thought this was cool because a lot of people were saying, “Hey Craig!” Since the Chicken Wing nickname isn’t common he liked that it came out and he acknowledged me. 

1st Base

Sorry about the long delay in posts; I have not been on here in a while because i had a week off from school so i figured id take a week off then i got swamped with school work. 

Anyways about the 1st basemen. This is a no brainer, I am probably wasting my time writing about this because we all know prince will probably be the first baseman here for a long time. Until he like many other good players decide to leave milwaukee for a better team. As of now we have prince fielder who is a great player. He is pretty solid defensively, but his bat is amazing. Some people told me that they think he has been doing bad. I think what happens a lot is when a young guy starts off so good people have unreal expectations. Sure Prince could have done better but how much can you ask out of him? i think prince will have a good year and when he isn’t playing for some reason id love to see either brad nelson or Mike rivera playing first.
Thanks for the comments keep it up!

The Backstops; Milwaukee Brewer Catchers!

Catching is arguably the hardest position on the field. A few years ago we had the burden of Johnny Estrada on our team. I was always so upset when he played because he did not do much good for the team. He would get me so frustrated with his hitting and how slow he was, but what would make me most upset was his horrible defense. I believe defense is more fundamentals and is more frustrating to practice when it comes to catching. I was a catcher all the way up through little league. He obviously did not practice his defense much. Defense should come first to hitting. So when i heard we got rid of him i was very excited. Then i hear that we signed Jason Kendall. I had heard of him but did not know much about him so as a baseball fan i did some research. I found out Jason Kendall was the only person worse than Johnny when it came to throwing people out at second base. I was scared to see him play in the upcoming season because i thought people would steal all over us. Well it turned out that he practiced his defense a lot that off season and did a phenomenal job. He ended up doing a much better job. He caught 41 people stealing and only aloud 55 stolen bases. He led the whole MLB in throwing people out! So going into this season i can not be ashamed to say that i believe Jason Kendall will and should be our starting catcher. Macha reports that he will give Jason Kendall rests and i really like Mike Rivera and i think he will be a pretty good backup. 
Please give me Comments and idea’s on things to write about in the future.

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